MUSICAL ARTIFACTS | Sweeney Todd was part of a larger project involving the design of objects for musicals I've loved since childhood. This project follows the themes of doom and gloom and the macabre associated with the musical's setting in dark, Industrial Revolution era London. The bottle design was influenced by its story's setting, typographic treatment of the time, as well as character Señor Pirelli's flamboyantly Italian personality.


This particular bottle included strategizing ways to create higher hype and viewership of the musical by introducing a limited edition liquor which advertises the theatrical event by bringing to life one of Sweeney Todd's cherished songs, "Miracle Elixir" while inciting participation by a broader audience. You can view some of this process HERE.

Highlighted Skills  Vector illustration  /  Branding  /  Logo design  /  Package design  /  Typography  /  Layout  /  Web design  /  Campaign design  /  Art direction  /  Concept development

* Photographed by Jordan Crittenden