MUSICAL ARTIFACTS | Les Miserables This wine bottle for Les Miserables was part of a larger project involving the design of objects for musicals I've loved since childhood. This particular bottle reflects both the novel by Victor Hugo as well as Boublili and Schönberg's musical adaptation. It was inspired by the somber, post-battle song, "Drink with Me," and involves themes of vintage correspondence, secret society, and history.

As much as the Les Miserables story depicts the human struggle during revolutionary times, it also depicts a tale of French geography as sung by its characters. It is a tour of France 1815 to 1833 beginning with the prison release of Jean Valjean in Toulon, to his death east of Paris 1933. For this project, I chose select lyrics by Alain Boublil and matched them to Victor Hugo's geographic setting on a correlating vintage map. Shown above are samples of these pairings in map-to-lyric bottle cap details for the locations Seine River, Montfermeil, Rue Plumet, St. Denis.

Highlighted Skills  Vector illustration  /  Branding  /  Logo design  /  Package design  /  Typography  /  Layout  /  Art direction  /  Concept development

* Photographed by Jordan Crittenden