MUSICAL ARTIFACTS | Aspects of Love was part of a larger project involving the design of objects for musicals I've loved since childhood. This particular bottle of rose-colored armagnac reflects the theatrical opulence and femininity of Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical adaptation which sings a tale of indulgence and forbidden romances of five characters set in the 1940's. 

Rose colored armagnac was chosen to depict this musical because of its numerous references throughout the story. The pattern was created to reflect a combination of graphics from the 1940's and the roaring twenties. The overall aesthetic was inspired by spirit and perfume bottles from the era.

Highlighted Skills  Pattern design  /  Branding  /  Logo design  /  Package design  /  Typography  /  Layout  /  Web design  /  Campaign design  /  Art direction  /  Concept development

* Photographed by Jordan Crittenden